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Memorable has shutdown its digitization services. Cloud will be suspended on April 6th. Read blog post.

Memorable Film Transfer

Any Reel
Memorable digitizes your 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film reels with superb quality.
Archival Quality
Memorable safely scans your reels on state-of-the-art sprocketless scanners into streamable and downloadable high definition videos.
Color correction, dust and dirt removal, and grain reduction enhances your viewing experience.
Audio (when present)
We transfer and sync the magnetic/optical soundstripe found on some Regular 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film reels.
Chronological Order
The dates on your reels are used to create an accurate timeline of your films from the 1920's-1980's.
Search Labels
Find any film reel quickly and easily. Memorable converts the handwriting on film boxes, cans, and reels into searchable tags.
View On Every Device
Enjoy your digitized film reels on TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone.
Batch Sharing
Share your digitized film reels with family and friends anywhere in the world.
Batch Download
Download your film reels to enjoy the peace of mind of a physical backup along with the ability to use Memorable even when offline.
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Pure Quality
Memorable's sprocketless scanner handles your precious family films as delicately as possible.

Your digitized, original version is color corrected and presented clearly in high definition.
Digitize Reels
Cleaned and Restored
Improving upon the original, we create a pristine remastered version which removes thousands of dust and dirt particles in addition to reducing grain.
Digitize Reels
Remastered Button
Purists love the authentic look of film. People love how clean their films look when remastered.

We couldn't decide which version to provide so we invented a button which allows switching between the original and remastered version of your digitized films in Memorable.
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How It Works

Step 1
Place an order online and you will automatically receive a trackable UPS shipping label via email to safely send your film reels to Memorable.
Step 2
View, Download, Share, and Organize
In 4-6 weeks, enjoy your digitized film reels with the ability to view on any device, navigate by date, share with friends and family, download all originals, organize, and much more.
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