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Memorable has shutdown its digitization services. Cloud will be suspended on April 6th. Read blog post.

Our Memorable Story

Memorable was founded by Eugene Gekhter in August 2002 with just one computer and DVD burner out of a small dorm room in Champaign, IL.

Digital Transfer Systems

Our first name was Digital Transfer Systems with a tagline of "preserving memories, one chapter at a time".

We received so many packages from all over the US on a daily basis that we almost got kicked out of our dorm room for running a business.

After moving to our first real office we focused our efforts on figuring out how to improve the digitized quality of 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film.

Since our first domain (digitaltransferystems.net) was too long to type we acquired filmtransfer.com to help our customers remember our website easier.


From 2003 to 2012, FilmTransfer.com was known as one of the highest quality digitization services in the US.

During this time we expanded our services to help digitize all common formats including videotapes, photographs, slides, and negatives.

In 2006 we launched the first HD film transfer service in the US.

Our business continued to grow as we helped more and more customers preserve their family memories with the highest quality possible.


In 2012, a decade into our company's life, we noticed technology was evolving faster than ever.

We wanted to help people with both their digital and analog memories and FilmTransfer.com only spoke to the latter.

The name Pixcel was created by combining the words pixel and celluloid.

Our first goal was to create Pixcel Cloud, a platform for people to access their digitized and digital memories on any device.

At the time we started this project we had been outsourcing all of our software development.

After several failed attempts we came to the conclusion that we needed to build our software in-house.


In 2013 we began our software journey.

As we started getting closer to realizing Pixcel Cloud, nearly two years had passed.

While Pixcel was happily digitizing people's memories we found a new name for our first software product: Reflectera.

Released in November 2014, our vision was to create an end-to-end timeline of an entire life (up to now).

To make this idea a reality, we would need to integrate Pixcel's digitization process along with applications for uploading photos and videos from computers and smartphones.

As users grew accustomed to automatic chronology of digital photos and videos we invented the same user-experience for pre-digital photo and video formats.

This breakthrough invention meant a digitized VHS tape from 1995 would show up in the correct year on a user's timeline instead of 2015.


From 2014 to 2015 our customers were using Pixcel for digitizing and Reflectera for adding, viewing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos.

With two names for a single system, we started researching how to create a great name (again).

Almost every article we read said "the name should be memorable".

In December 2015 we changed our name (for the last time) and shortly after acquired the trademark to the name Memorable.

Excited about our new name, misfortune soon occurred.

In March 2016 the founder's wife left home with one-year-old child and nearly a 5-year divorce would ensue.

This unforeseeable event which affects nearly half of all US families turned out to be a beautiful catalyst for how to overcome the most painful experiences in life through the magic of memories.

Memorable was re-designed to see the collective experience of life from every decade's photos and videos on a single screen, without scrolling.

By seeing the big picture of life, happy memories can heal painful memories, create new happy memories, and create a happier life as a whole.

Released on November 12th, 2020, Memorable is the most beautiful and meaningful way to experience life's photos and videos.

Now, we're more excited than ever as Memorable TV is set to revolutionize how human beings experience their life on TV.

We look forward to experiencing this memorable journey together!