Our Story

I was born in 1982.

Growing up, I wanted to be the best violinist in the world.

The first time I heard "8mm" was from my beloved violin teacher, Mark Zinger.

He shared a memorable story about his world-famous friend, David Oistrakh, and how they filmed Odessa on an old 8mm camera while driving in David's first car.

As fate would have it, in 2002, I started a film transfer company, Digital Transfer Systems, the summer before my sophomore year at the University of Illinois while studying marketing and music.

I remember the joy and gratitude expressed by our first customer despite the limited technology available at the time.

Like practicing the violin, the quality we delivered kept getting better and better.

While we were successfully digitizing past technology for tens of thousands of families and organizations, present technology was changing faster than ever with the advent of digital cameras and soon after smartphones.

A decade into our company's journey, I embarked on a new adventure: software.

Having never written a line of code before, I taught myself multiple languages and soon found out my gift for programming and solving problems was even greater than my violin abilities.

My first ambitious software goal was to create a single system that could create a complete chronological timeline of any person's life.

After successfully achieving this goal, I realized a new problem that nobody had solved.

It is near impossible to scroll through 50,000 pictures and videos on an ongoing basis. This unenjoyable experiment took 6 hours.

This experience was the inspiration for the present version of Memorable.

I created a brand-new design where every photo and video from an entire life could be experienced on one screen.

Once I was happy with life, I applied this pattern to decades, years, and months and have been enjoying using Memorable ever since.

I hope many people experience these beautiful life-changing experiences soon so we can all see life in a better way together.

Eugene Gekhter